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Dutch Tech: Insulation that is innovative.

Dutch Tech insulation

Therma Guard is superior reflective foam insulation.

Therma Guard is Reflective Foam Insulation that has a strong and durable woven backing which does not disintegrate over time. It was designed to be easy to install with standard staples, no special tools needed.

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I've been in construction all my life (25+ years) and I really like this stuff. Definitely my favorite insulation. It's a lot easier to get wrinkle free than bubble wrap, easier to install in windy conditions, and much stronger! A couple staples will hold more than dozens in bubble wrap, and you can't tear the stuff.

Victor StollInstaller

Use this on almost every building we build. Really cuts down on heat being able to radiate down into the building and have had nothing but good feedback from customers who have it installed on their barn or underneath of their metal roof.

G BBuilder

We have been using ThermaGuard insulation for 2 years! We love it! We have found after our contractors use it once; they love the way it handles, and the strength is a very big plus! This product is definitely superior in strength to any other similar competitor. Highly recommended!

Skyline MetalBuilder

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Therma Guard comes in 6’2″ foot x 125 foot rolls which cover 750 square feet. Your average 40 x 60 barn with 12 foot walls only requires about 7 rolls. You get a huge reduction in energy costs for a tiny price.

If you need 100 rolls a month or more, please contact us for wholesale pricing.

How hard is it to install?

Therma Guard is not difficult to install. However, there are a few things of which builders should be aware. Here is our installation guide.

Where can I buy Therma Guard?

To make it easy to locate a supplier near you, we’ve created a Where to Buy map which you can check to find local providers.