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Therma Guard

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Using this innovative insulation is so superior to alternative options that people are finding additional uses for it. Here are a few:


Pole Barns

Therma Guard, from Dutch Tech Inc, is a revolutionary solution for pole barn insulation. Unlike traditional options, it eliminates issues like sagging and loose edges, making it perfect for pole barns exposed to strong winds and harsh weather. Its woven polyethylene material provides superior wind resistance and durability, allowing for easy installation and a more efficient job for contractors. Therma Guard is a quicker, easier, and more effective alternative to fiberglass insulation for pole barns, providing optimal insulation and protection.

Photos courtesy of Nelson Metals and Pro Built Structures.


Metal Roofing

Therma Guard is an exceptional choice for insulating metal roofing due to its unique properties. The foil-backed insulation of Therma Guard effectively reflects radiant heat away from the roof, preventing excessive heat buildup during hot summer months. This helps to maintain a cooler temperature inside the building, reducing the need for air conditioning and promoting energy efficiency. Additionally, during winter, Therma Guard provides excellent insulation, minimizing heat loss and ensuring a comfortable indoor environment. Overall, Therma Guard's innovative design makes it an ideal solution for metal roofing, delivering superior thermal performance and enhancing overall comfort and energy efficiency.



Therma Guard is also an excellent choice for insulating barndominiums due to its effective heat and cold retention properties. Therma Guard utilizes foil-backed insulation, which has proven to be highly beneficial for barndominium owners. This innovative insulation solution ensures that these structures are easy to heat during the winter, creating a cozy atmosphere, while also providing effective cooling during the scorching summer months. With Therma Guard, barndominium owners can enjoy a comfortable and more efficient living environment throughout the year.

Photos courtesy of Buildmax and Barndos.

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