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Therma Guard insulation installation instructions

Therma Guard was designed with the contractor in mind. From the top down, our company is made up of people who understand the application and have installed reflective barriers on many buildings. Here are a couple things that will make the install easier on the builder, especially in the unpredictable outdoor conditions they work in.

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While 2 inches doesn’t seem like a lot for the average guy, you will find that 2 extra inches on our ThermaGuard product is, in fact, a lot. It’s the difference between needing to pull up the second sheet underlap to staple your next run of insulation, and just being able to run your next run without thinking about it.

It could also prevent the need to run a small strip at the end when running vertically across a building depending on how much was overlapped.

When running horizontally, it provides the little extra needed to span the lathing when the runs vary a little bit.

When butting the edges together, make sure to use a high quality reflective tape.


Sounds simple. But the woven backing on Therma Guard holds staples and button caps like you wouldn’t believe. A few staples strategically placed on each end of the run and a few in the middle are normally sufficient to hold Thermaguard in place until the siding or roofing is installed over top of it. If leaving it for more than a day, add staples to every lathing or purlin run.

When installed in an exposed application such as crawlspaces, interior shop walls or the dog house for those cold nights after forgetting your anniversary, place staples every 6” on the perimeter and every 10” in the field.

Additional points

To achieve maximum R-value:

  • Install a minimum ¾” spacing strip over the reflective surface every 24″ to 36″ or allow a “sag” between lathing.
  • Wrap the edges around corners and roof rake to ensure maximum insulating properties.
  • Therma Guard can span up to 5′ for commercial applications.
  • When using on metal-framed buildings, use a strong-adhesion double sided tape applied to the framing first and press on the ThermaGuard firmly across the run.