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Frequently asked questions

Is this like Bubble wrap?

It is designed to be used in all the same ways that bubble wrap is used but with the advantages of superior durability and strength.

Can I use this instead of standard insulation on my house?

While Therma Guard insulation blocks much of the radiant outside temperatures, it is not a suitable alternative to fiberglass or spray foam insulation.

Can I spray foam on Therma Guard?

Yes. ThermaGuard is a great barrier to spray foam against.

Do you actually manufacture this?

Yes. Unlike most of our competitors, Dutch Tech Inc has a manufacturing facility in Tennessee where we make Therma Guard. Watch a video tour here.

Can I buy a few rolls as a retail customer?

No. Therma Guard is only sold wholesale. Check out our list of locations to find a dealer near you.

Do you make Therma Guard in 4 feet width?

Therma Guard is only available in one size: 6’2″ x 125′ (750 sq ft)